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  • The price of a product relates to external visual wear according to its age. A specially saved or neglected product will be priced accordingly.

  • Product Price List - assumes that the product and all accessories are in perfect working condition. It is recommended to use qualified professionals or laboratories.

  • The weighted data are: processor type - support for modern software, and support for advanced generations of the operating system. Processor Speed R03;R03;- Working Speed. The amount of memory the product can contain - a parameter that is even more important in terms of the speed of work, the size and quality of the screen, the supply of products in the market, their negotiability, and the transactions that are actually performed.

  • There is a different meaning to different additions . For example, an iPhone or computer bag will not raise its price, but will make it more attractive to the buyer. A significant memory increase will make it attractive and will raise its price, but less than the value of the extra memory.

  • In a dealer's sale, one should expect a price lower than the list price. The lower the tradability of the product, the less you can get. In Kenya a recognized dealer must take into consideration an addition that relates to the warranty given to the customer.

  • In relatively new products , products with extended warranties are preferred, covering the product at future buyer use.

  • Familiar - always remember - the price at which you bought the product - the computer, for example, is of particular interest to the minister of history. 

    The new computers are always faster, more powerful, have new capabilities, advanced specifications, and are cheaper. 

    Compare given performance and capabilities before you set the price. 

    And do not say - he'll lie down at most. Every day the next generation approaches us, and the product is worth less.

  • Customer - Compare the proposed product to the new ones and their price: 

    Used product in good condition, all parts work well, especially with warranty - it pays to pay a fair price. 

    There is no point in looking for a life deal because it will keep looking until you finally buy a less good product. 

    You come across a decent seller, with a good product at an affordable price - for you on the deal. 

    It is better to start producing and enjoying the product.

  • If you have any reasoned objections, we would be happy to hear from you.

We may have mistaken, or misjudged, and are attentive to the corrections. We are not responsible for these errors, but we will be happy to receive feedback by email

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The price list gives an up-to-date list of Apple's second-hand products