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➧ "2ndHand Price" is not a sales site!

"2ndHand Price" is not a sales site!

"2ndHand Price" offers an up-to-date list price of Apple's second-hand products

How much to sell, how much to pay, what a 2nd hand item really worth!


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The price list site was established and maintained by people with decades of experience in marketing and handling Apple products.

The price of a particular model is determined by comparing its performance against a new price in the category.

The weighted figures are:

  • Processor type - support for modern software, and generations of the operating system.

  • Processor Speed - Working Speed.

  • The amount of memory the computer can hold - a parameter that is even more important in terms of the speed of work.

  • Size and screen quality

  • Offer computers in the market, marketability, and transactions that are actually done

We may have mistaken, or misjudged, and are attentive to the corrections. Please send us feedback by email